Should I Buy a Refurbished Phone or a Second-hand Phone?

The straightforward answer to this question is a refurbished phone. Let us elaborate and throw some light on the subject to put things into perspective. While the prospect of savings is thrilling, always ensure that you get good value for your money. There are many attractive deals out, but you need to be very careful before buying a refurbished or a second-hand phone. Let us go through a few things to consider before purchasing refurbished or second-hand phones.

  • Specifications:

Always check for the make, model, storage, display type, camera and battery life of the phone you’re interested in. Compare different models and their specifications before deciding on which phone to buy.

  • Warranty:

Refurbished phones come with a warranty. Different sellers provide different warranties, so always make sure the warranty matches your requirements. Mobile Guru offers up to 24 months warranty based on the device's condition.

  • Delivery cost and duration:

You want to know beforehand if the delivery is free or some extra charges are involved. Also ensure that you have the tracking details to check the delivery status.

  • Quality check procedure:

Many sellers perform diagnostics tests to check the mobile’s condition and fix any technical issues. It is advisable to ask about the kind of quality check procedures performed on the device. At Mobile Guru, our team performs a 72-points check to ensure optimal device performance before listing it on the website.

  • Potential savings:

Always compare the prices of different sellers before committing to a purchase. In fact, if you can find the best quotes in the market, send them to us, and take advantage of our “Price beat guarantee”.

Difference between Buying a Second-hand Phone and a Refurbished Phone from Mobile Guru

Two major differences between a second-hand phone and a refurbished phone are condition and warranty. Second-hand phones are always sold as-is. This means if there are defects in the screen, battery, body or internal parts, they are not fixed and you will have to accept it as is. Whereas refurbished phones undergo diagnostic tests and all issues are fixed before being sold.

A refurbished mobile is a little more expensive than a second-hand one, but it comes with a warranty—something you can't expect from a second-hand phone. Do you wish to know more differences between the two? There are several more differences shown in the table below.

Second-hand phone

Refurbished phone from Mobile Guru

Unknown seller

Licensed and trusted reseller across Australia

Sold as-is

Diagnostic tests and 72-point check testing performed before selling

No warranty

Up to 24 months warranty

Cheaper than a refurbished phone

Cheaper than a new phone

Unknown phone condition and technical issues

Brand new, amazing-as-new, demo or used condition options, all with optimal performance

No return policy

30 days return policy

Phone may not come with accessories

Phone comes with a fast charging adapter, 3 in 1 charging cable, and SIM card tray pin

Device may not come in a box

Device comes in a secured Mobile Guru hardbound box

Uncertain price

Price beat guarantee


You can buy a refurbished phone from the manufacturers or licensed resellers like Mobile Guru. Our price-beat guarantee and up to 24 months warranty ensure that you get your money’s worth. However, they will not be as cheap as the ones bought from third-party sellers because they have been tested, repaired, and then factory reset, so you get the most out of your new device.

In a nutshell, buying a second-hand mobile is fine, but it comes with some intrinsic risks. While it is certainly cheaper, it comes with the risk of not knowing the history of the phone and no warranties. You are better off opting for a refurbished device as it is essentially the same as buying a new phone, has no downsides, and saves money.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore a wide range of refurbished mobile phones at Mobile Guru and take advantage of great offers. Call us on 1300 362 017, or send us an email at, and our team will be happy to help you.

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