5 Simple Rules to Follow for a Smarter Purchase When Buying a Refurbished Phone

Are you planning to buy a refurbished phone in Australia? Perhaps you are undecided about choosing a new mobile or a used phone that is significantly cheaper? New phones are expensive and will eventually lose their shine. Buying a used or second-hand phone is fraught with risks as you have no idea about the technical or hidden hardware issues it may have.

Allow us to present you with a third option – refurbished phones. Buying a refurbished phone is the best option as you get value-for-money and a certified mobile phone from a reputable seller. We understand you may have questions. You may be unfamiliar with refurbished phones and how to purchase one. Therefore, we have listed a few simple rules that will help you make a smarter decision when buying a refurbished phone.

  • Rule no # 1 - Condition or grade: Check out the grade of the refurbished that you are buying. Is it “as good as new” or an A grade mobile? A grade denotes the highest-rated refurbished mobiles that have only minor or negligible wear and tear with superior battery performance. Next is the B grade, which is a “slightly used” mobile that has minor wear and tear or scratches. The final category is the ‘C’ grade, or used mobiles, that come with dents and scratches. This type of mobile is preferable when functionality and price, rather than specifications or physical condition, are important.
  • Rule no # 2 - Warranty and unlocked status: You should always check the warranty status of mobile before buying. Is the original manufacturer's warranty still applicable? Is the store selling the refurbished mobile and offering warranty on its behalf? While the phone may work great initially, it may develop snags, wherein the warranty comes in handy. Also, check the unlocked status of the phone. You want an unlocked phone without tie-ups to a particular carrier.
  • Rule no # 3 - Accessories: Always ask about the accessories included with the mobile. Do you have to buy a charger, data cable, or earphones separately? Are the accessories original or generic? While this information should be available on the seller's website, it is advisable to check with the seller before buying. Factor in the cost of accessories that are included or need to be bought separately to understand the cost of the phone.
  • Rule no # 4 - Battery condition: Do not overlook the battery condition as this has a direct impact on the phone's performance. Is the battery new or the original one that came with the phone? Does the seller describe the battery condition along with other specs? If not, check before you buy as a poor-performing battery can ruin the smartphone experience and getting a replacement battery may impact warranty.
  • Rule no # 5 - Dents and scratches: Look for dents and scratches mentioned by the seller as they are an indication of rough usage and may impact performance. Always buy a phone with fewer dents and scratches, even if it costs more. Also check the return policy of the seller, to ensure that they accept the return with zero or minimal deduction, in case you find the phone not up to the mark.

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