Handy Tips to Know When Buying a Refurbished Phone

A refurbished phone is not just an ordinary second-hand phone. It’s a used phone that has passed through a number of software diagnostics tests and thorough physical inspections before being sold to the end user. These tests are meant to check for OS or hardware-related issues and fix them. The end result is a high quality phone without the technical issues that plague ordinary second-hand phones. Their performance is also similar to brand new phones and they come with warranties too.

Buying a refurbished mobile will save you a lot of money. However, you want to make sure of the device’s quality before purchasing it. If it is your first time buying a refurbished phone, don’t worry. We have a few pointers or tips that will require help you check for quality. All you have to do is keep them in mind as you browse through the available models.

  • Make sure there is a warranty

Always buy a refurbished mobile with a warranty. It provides extra protection in case of a device malfunction. Mobile Guru offers up to 24 months of warranty to safeguard your mobile.

  • Check for return policies

It's good to have a return policy to back you up if there is an issue with the refurbished phone. For instance, if anything is wrong with the device, you are protected by our 30 days of return policy. You can also return the mobile within 14 days of purchase if you change your mind after buying it.

  • Unlocked phone

Buying a refurbished phone that has been locked to one network is highly inconvenient, especially if you travel overseas. Always check with the seller to ensure the phone has been unlocked before buying. Every refurbished phone sold by Mobile Guru is factory unlocked, which allows you to use any SIM card of your choice.

  • Examine the overall condition

When it comes to the condition of the refurbished mobile, it's necessary to check whether the device will meet your requirements or not. Although refurbished phones undergo physical inspection and diagnostics tests, consider the following too:

  • Battery life (minimum 70% and above)
  • Genuine Australian source
  • Perfect working condition
  • Little sign of use (insignificant cosmetic marks)
  • Comes with essential accessories
  • Supports iOS or Android updates

A refurbished iPhone costs less than a new one for sure. However, you don't want to get overcharged by a seller. Mobile Guru is one of the most trusted online resellers in Australia. We offer a price-beat guarantee but don't just take our word for it. Instead, compare prices with other sellers and call us if you find a better quote. We will beat the quote.

  • Buy from a reputed seller

Last and most importantly, always buy from a trusted seller. The reputation of the seller will let you know if the quality of the devices being sold can be trusted or not

Mobile Guru is a 100% Australian-owned licenced reseller. Our technical team runs a 72-point testing diagnostic check on all refurbished mobiles to ensure optimal performance before listing them on our website. Once you make a purchase, we will dispatch the device on the same day and deliver it at the earliest.

We will help you get superior quality refurbished phones at very affordable prices. Do you still have questions or want to talk to a team member about our products? Call us on 1300 362 017 or email us at hello@mobileguruaustralia.com.au and our team will do the rest.

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