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Refurbished iPhones - Buy Affordable and High-Quality Devices at Mobile Guru

Are you looking to buy an iPhone without breaking the bank? Maybe you wish to get one for comparison’s sake with your Android device? Well, you are at the right place. Mobile Guru is a trusted seller of pre-owned or refurbished iPhones. We have almost every model and series in our store to give you the widest range of options. You can now find an as-good-as-new refurbished iPhone in Australia at a discounted price.

While most buyers look for a reliable and easy-to-use iPhone, they often find the new iPhones prohibitively expensive. However, if you browse our inventory, you can get a cheap iPhone at unbeatable prices. Moreover, every used iPhone that we sell is a high-performing device backed by a warranty. You can rest assured that your iPhone will always be a winner - be it performance-wise, with incredible features or amazing looks.

There is a huge market for refurbished iPhones in Australia today, given the rising cost of new phones and the user’s desire for cheaper devices. Various online and offline sellers deal with and sell refurbished phones. This gives you the chance to buy most iPhones only a few months after their launch at a much lower price. Besides, what you receive is nothing short of a quality device. A refurbished iPhone will have been checked and tested and all its faults fixed as per the original equipment manufacturer’s standards before being offered for sale.

Like most buyers, you also may be looking to upgrade to a newer and feature-rich model. Buying an iPhone refurbished in Australia helps you get a higher-end model at a cheaper price than a new phone. What’s more, buying it from a trusted seller like Mobile Guru ensures that you get a phone that has been thoroughly checked and refurbished to ensure flawless working. You can also trade in your old iPhone for a good price and get a second-hand iPhone of your choice after paying the balance.

Are you worried about the performance of a refurbished iPhone? Let us assure you that our 72-point check will take care of all your worries. Any refurbished iPhone you buy from us has been thoroughly checked and any faults or low-performance issues will have been rectified. Additionally, we follow a simple grading system to help you understand exactly what you are getting for your money. They are:

  • Amazing as New
  • Ex Demo
  • Used

Which Refurbished iPhones Are Available for Sale at Our Store?

As one of the biggest sellers of refurbished iPhones in Australia, you will find all the best-selling devices at Mobile Guru. Check out our online store for the list of refurbished iPhone models available and buy the phone that you want. New models are updated daily, so do check iPhone availability before finalising your order.

These are some of our best-selling models:

If you cannot find the model that you want to buy, contact our customer support team for assistance. We will try our best to get you the mobile phone you want or help you find the next best alternative.

Benefits of Buying a Refurbished iPhone

If you still find yourself debating if your next device should be a refurbished iPhone, we can help you make an informed decision. Here are the various benefits of buying a pre-owned iPhone from Mobile Guru:

  • Costsaving: You save money every time you buy a cheap iPhone. Recently launched or brand-new phones are expensive and may set you back a few thousand dollars. While you can get an as good as new or refurbished iPhone at a much cheaper price within a few months of their official release. These phones are in very good condition and are sold by their owners when they want an upgrade.
  • Warranty: You get an excellent warranty on an Apple refurbished iPhone that is often as good as the warranty offered on a brand-new iPhone. Buying a warranty-covered device gives you the confidence to invest in a pre-owned iPhone. The warranty is also proof of the good condition of the phone and the seller's confidence in its performance.
  • Good for the environment: Buying a refurbished iPhone is also good for the environment. Every year millions of phones are discarded and new phones are manufactured to replace them. Refurbishing phones decreases both e-waste and carbon footprint.
  • No prior contracts: You get an “unlocked” phone with no prior contracts with a service provider. This gives you the freedom to choose the phone carrier of your choice. This “obligation-free” status is a big benefit of buying an iPhone refurbished by a reseller. It makes such phones attractive to all prospective buyers.
  • Feature-rich upgrade: You can upgrade to a feature-rich and newer model of iPhone when you buy a refurbished device. As your mobile becomes slow and outdated, a higher-end device with newer, better features becomes desirable. With a refurbished iPhone you can upgrade and get a newer, faster mobile that has tons of features that you will surely love.
  • Best replacement for an old iPhone: Has your current phone died or has the motherboard malfunctioned? If the repairs are costly, it is better to discard it or trade it for a refurbished iPhone. You can also search for and buy a refurbished iPhone of your choice if you need an urgent replacement for your lost or stolen mobile phone. Buying online from our store is fast, safe and convenient with same-day or next-business-day shipping.
  • Phone for children/staff/first-time buyers: You can also buy a refurb iPhone for your children or your staff. You get a cheaper yet reliable device to keep in touch with your children or staff members who are always on the move. Refurbished phones also give a chance to first-time buyers to get an iPhone at an affordable price.

Tips on Choosing a Refurbished iPhone

Most buyers may struggle to find a used iPhone that meets their requirements. Appearance, reviews or brand advertising are not the only parameters you should focus on. When it comes to buying a refurbished iPhone, knowing exactly what you want and which devices meet your needs is a necessity. It will help you in your search for the right phone at the right price.

Here are a few helpful tips that can help you find and buy a cheap refurbished iPhone in Australia that gives you the best value for your money.

  • Buy from a reliable seller: Always buy from a trustworthy seller. This ensures that you get a feature-rich and good-quality phone. It also eliminates various risks associated with buying in a private sale or from a shady dealer without due diligence. Common dangers include ending up with a stolen phone, locked phone, low-performing phone, physically damaged mobile, serious hardware and software issues, lack of warranty or replacement, etc.
  • Compare prices: Never be in a hurry to buy a refurbished device. Take the time to check and compare the prices between a refurbished and a new phone, and even prices between different sellers. This way you can buy a good phone at great prices. Look out for holiday and special occasions discounts. Most resellers offer great discounts and deals at such times and you can get a top model at a discounted price.
  • Check warranty and return policies: Always check the warranty and the return policy. A good reseller offers a warranty on every phone that it sells. Carefully read the warranty statement and find out all the things it covers and its duration. Most online resellers of refurbished iPhones also offer a return policy in case you are not satisfied with the phone or its performance. Check if the seller offers the return policy and if there are any restrictions, terms and conditions regarding the same.
  • Match the phone’s condition with advertised features: Carefully check the phone’s condition and performance with the advertised details. In case there is a mismatch like physical damages or software and hardware issues, report it immediately and arrange for a return. Do not accept a low-performing device or delay reporting any issues as the return window may close within a few days.
  • Packaging: Find out if the phone is in original packaging with all accessories included or if it is in a package provided by the seller. In the case of a pre-owned iPhone, you may not always get a user manual, the original warranty card and accessories.
  • Check for physical damage and appearance: Always check the device for any scratches, or chips on the body or on the screen – these may ruin the look and feel of the phone. These can also interfere with the phone's performance, for e.g. lag or non-performance of the touch screen. If you do not notify the seller immediately, the damage can be wrongly attributed to your rough handling.
  • Evaluate software status and performance: Like every buyer, you may also get excited with your new phone’s cameras, apps and other features. But it is important to evaluate the software and performance as well. If you consider yourself a “non-techie” like the majority of users, there are tons of videos online you can watch on how to evaluate software’s performance with simple tricks.
  • Accessories’ cost: Find out if the accessories like iPods or original Apple iPhone chargers and data cables come with the device. If they are not included, you will have to buy them separately and that will push up the overall cost for you. You need to factor in that additional cost, as without them you will not be able to use the phone.
  • Battery life: Always check the battery life of the iphone – both advertised and actual time. Is the reseller replacing the battery or using the original battery? Both charging and discharging time is critical as most smartphones are battery guzzlers with multiple battery-draining apps.
  • Unlocked or contract-free phone: Is the phone unlocked and is contract free? Experts suggest that buyers look for a contract-free or unlocked phone as it gives them the choice to select a carrier of their choice. There is no minimum and fixed amount to pay each month that the carriers usually levy to recover the cost of the phone.
  • No activation lock: The refurbished iPhone you buy should be without an activation lock. The activation lock on an iPhone cannot be removed without access to the account of the previous owner. This makes the phone useless for you and is not worth buying. A reputed online seller never sells a phone with an activation lock, unlike say, a private sale.
  • No blacklisted phone: Another advantage of buying from an established reseller is that they ensure that the phone is not blacklisted. They source their phones directly from the owner before offering them for sale. A blacklisted phone is a phone that has been reported as stolen or lost by the original owner and is not serviced by any carrier in Australia.
  • Ask questions: Do not hesitate to ask questions. As a prospective buyer, you have the right to question the seller on any aspect of the phone or deal before you reach a decision. While most of the details regarding our refurbished iPhones are available on the website, you can still ask any question you may have. We will be happy to clear your doubts.

Refurbished iPhones vs. New iPhones vs. Second Hand iPhones

Smartphones have long ceased to be a luxury and have become a necessity in our lives. You do not use our smartphone merely to make calls but also used it for a variety of other features, such as:

  • Taking photographs
  • Accessing the internet
  • Reading books
  • Listening to music
  • Watching movies
  • Playing games
  • Staying connected with others through social media
  • Using productivity apps
  • Connecting with smart watches and other accessories
  • …many more

Whenever you plan to buy an iPhone, you have three choices – a brand-new, refurbished or second hand device. As a buyer, you exercise your choice in which type of iPhone you buy and from whom. To help you decide which type of phone is the best for you, we have listed their pros and cons:

  • Price: The biggest difference between the three types of iPhone devices is the price. A brand-new iPhone is the most expensive, while a refurbished one cost slightly less and the second hand phone is the cheapest. Older models of the iPhone may be available with some resellers at very cheap prices but they lack the specs or features of later models.
  • High-tech or new features: New iPhones have all the latest features that make them attractive for buyers. Some experts point out that the changes may not be radical or extraordinary between a previous and a succeeding model. Ultimately you have to decide – are the changes cosmetic or major and are they worth spending the extra money on? A refurbished or a Second Hand iPhone may have comparable features, depending on how recent the offered model is.
  • Style statement: A new iPhone is a style statement and has a “feel-good” factor associated with it. The joy of opening the packing and using the dazzling display with vivid colours appeals to most buyers. The refurbished phone is clean and works equally well, though it lacks the “newness”. The Second hand or pre-owned phone is usually sold “as-is-where-is” and its condition determines user experience.
  • Damage status: A new iPhone is undamaged without scratches or chips on its back cover and display. A refurbished phone may or may not have scratches or minor chips. This depends on the grading and is informed beforehand by the seller. In the case of a second hand phone, you have to be vigilant and check for damages before you buy as they are often not shared by the private seller.
  • Performance: The performance of a new iPhone is breathtaking as it has a new chip, and processor and is factory-tested before packing. A refurbished iPhone's performance is similar, as it is tested repeatedly and all faults are rectified. The refurbished phone seller also replaces any faulty components and upgrades or updates the software to ensure 100% performance before selling it. A second hand iphone device comes with no such guarantee or check and should be bought only after due diligence by the buyer.
  • Warranty: New phones come with a full manufacturer’s warranty - this includes repairs and in a few cases, replacement. Refurbished iPhones come with varying warranties from 6 months up to 2 years depending on the cost of the phone and its condition. second hand iphonecome with no warranty and you buy them at your own risk.
  • Accessories: A new iPhone comes with all accessories that the manufacturer offers. Refurbished or second hand iPhones may or may not come with the accessories. Usually, the seller offers the accessories already in use or may offer them as a bundle. This varies greatly amongst phone models and sellers.
  • Locked/Contract: A new iPhone may come with a locked status or a contract if it is part of an offer or deal. The phones that are not locked usually cost more. Refurbished and pre-owned iPhones generally are “unlocked” phones. Most buyers do not buy a “locked” pre-owned phone. Check and confirm the unlocked status of the phone before you buy.
  • Availability: Brand new iPhones are top-of-the-line and flagship products sold in Australia by Apple. The newer models of the iPhone become available as refurbished phones usually only after a few months. If you can wait a few months, you can get as good as new or the latest models of iPhone at a bargain. In comparison, second hand iPhones offered by local shops or in private deals can be a few months to a few years old.
  • Battery Life: The battery life is a major factor that affects the performance of the iPhone as various apps drain the battery. A new iPhone provides maximum battery life with fast charging. A refurbished phone also offers maximum battery life as the phone may be as good as new or the seller may have replaced the battery.
  • Service support: Like all leading smartphone manufacturers, Apple provides service support for iPhone and its products throughout Australia. Check if the seller provides after-sales support for a refurbished iPhone before you buy as these are usually covered with a warranty. Second hand iphonethat are bought in a private sale or from local mobile shops do not usually come with any warranty or after-sales support.
  • Security risks and hacking: New phones are safe to use and protected by various antivirus software for robust security against hacking. Refurbished iPhone sellers also ensure that the device they sell does not carry any ransomware or bugs that could make the user vulnerable to hacking. Second hand devices come with no such guarantees and put you at risk. Even after a “factory reset” it is difficult to be 100% sure of the security of these devices.
  • Security patches and updates: Chances are that the second-hand iPhone you buy is old and is not supported by the manufacturer with security patches and updates. This makes it vulnerable to cyber-attacks and viruses that can slow down and affect its performance. New and refurbished phones do not carry such risks and get security patches or updates for several years.

Why Choose Mobile Guru for Refurbished iPhone?

Mobile Guru is a trusted seller of all top-selling refurbished iPhone models in Australia. Our exclusive range of the newest, feature-loaded iPhones with the best performance and trade-in deals have made us the top choice for refurbished iPhones in many other cities and regions of Australia. That’s not all. We constantly add new models to our collection and offer same-day or next-business-day shipping as well.

Here are some of the reasons that have made us the first choice for iPhones refurbished in Australia:

  • Great offers and deals: You get great offers on all models of refurbished iPhones when you buy from us. Check out our daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal offerings on our website. Use the money you save buying a refurbished iPhone from us to buy other gadgets or accessories. All our deals and offers are genuine with no strings attached.
  • Warranty iPhones: Do you worry about how well a used iPhone will perform? We know that this is the number one fear of most buyers. Our comprehensive 72-point check covers both the hardware and software of all the refurbished iPhones that we sell. Every device is rigorously tested, faults rectified, and any non-working part replaced before it is offered for sale. We offer up to 24 months' warranty on every phone we sell.
  • 100% Australian-owned: We are a 100% Australian-owned Company. This means that we know exactly what the Australian buyer wants from a sale and we offer just that. Besides, every time you buy from us, you support the local economy too.
  • Australia-wide shipping: We offer nationwide shipping and delivery for any device that you buy from us. Select and buy from the comfort of your home and have it delivered to you safely anywhere in Australia. This saves you the time and hassle of scouting and searching for a mobile at various shops.
  • Locally sourced: All our products are locally sourced and bought directly from the sellers. There are no middlemen at any stage. This helps us buy good quality pre-owned iPhones and offer them at a fair price to our customers after thorough testing, cleaning and upgrades.

Do you wish to know more about our refurbished iPhones on sale or require assistance with any order? You can call us on 1300 362 017 or email us at and our customer support team will be happy to assist you.


A refurbished iPhone is a pre-owned device that has been returned to the manufacturer or seller, inspected, and then restored to a like-new condition. These devices may have been returned for various reasons, such as Buyback Programs, customer dissatisfaction, or simply because the original owner decided to upgrade to a different model.

Refurbished iPhones typically undergo a thorough inspection and testing process to ensure that they meet the manufacturer's quality standards. Any defective or damaged components are replaced, and the device is cleaned and restored to its original factory settings. In some cases, refurbished iPhones may also include new accessories.

It's important to note that there can be different grades of refurbished products, and the level of refurbishment can vary between sellers. Some refurbished iPhones are certified by the manufacturer, while others may be refurbished by third-party companies or retailers. Certified refurbished iPhones often come with a warranty, providing a level of assurance to the buyer.

When considering a refurbished iPhone, it's advisable to purchase from a reputable seller, check for warranty information, and understand the return policy. Additionally, it's a good idea to inquire about the specific refurbishment process and what components have been replaced or upgraded. This can help you make an informed decision and potentially save money compared to buying a brand-new device.
The cost of a refurbished iPhone depends on several factors, including the age, model, physical condition, cost to repair it, and accessories. Check out our shop page to explore the different iPhones we have in stock!
Here are some key benefits you’ll receive when you purchase a refurbished iPhone from us:
  • New data cable
  • Up to 24 months warranty
  • Hardboard box packing
  • Factory unlocked
  • Same day or within 1 business day dispatch
  • Store pick-up available in Melbourne
A refurbished iPhone's performance is very similar to a brand-new device. This is because it is rigorously tested for faults and all malfunctioning parts are replaced. As a result, the phone's performance is at its peak when we sell it. At Mobile Guru, we have a skilled testing and repair team to check and fix all faults in the phone according to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer’s) standards and guidelines to ensure the best overall performance.
Every refurbished iPhone we sell has undergone tests to ensure high battery performance. If required, we replace the battery with a genuine spare before selling the phone. This ensures you get great battery performance with your phone.
A refurbished iPhone’s warranty depends on various factors, such as how old the phone is, its grading, repair cost, and its physical condition. We offer a warranty of up to 24 months on refurbished devices sold on our website. Check the listing of our individual phones before buying or check with our customer support team.
Here are a few things you should know before purchasing a refurbished iPhone:
  • They may not come with the original packing
  • Check the warranty offered before you buy
  • Buy only an unlocked iPhone
  • Ensure that you buy only from a reputed seller
  • Do not buy a blacklisted phone as it may be reported as lost or stolen
  • The phone should match the description or advertised condition
  • They are sold according to different “grades” (Eg., Amazing as New, Brand New, ex-Demo, Opened and Never Used)
All the phones sold at Mobile Guru are unlocked and not blacklisted. We sell them in our custom packaging for secure transportation. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Mobile Guru is amongst the top sellers of refurbished iPhones in Australia. We have all the best-selling and top models of refurbished iPhones with up to 24 months of warranty. Every phone is inspected thoroughly before putting it up for sale in our store. Every phone goes through a rigorous and comprehensive 72-point diagnostic check. Any faulty components are replaced, hardware and software fine-tuned and the phone thoroughly cleaned before it is offered for sale at a discounted rate.
If you are not satisfied with any refurbished iPhone that you buy from Mobile Guru, you can return it in its original condition within 14 days. We accept the return with a “no questions asked” policy and issue a refund to you.
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