Refurbished vs. New Phones: What should you pick?

When you consider changing your mobile or upgrading, you need to decide on two aspects: Which mobile brand are you going to buy? Are you going to buy a new or a used mobile? You may select the brand based on preference, glitzy ads, reviews or recommendation from friends and family. The question of purchasing refurbished vs. new phones can be quite tricky. While a new mobile has its own appeal and promise of great performance, the high cost can be a major deterrent for buyers.

Consider these points before making your decision:

  • Cost vs. style:

    While the new mobile has a feel-good factor, its newness slowly fades away within the space of a few months. Consider the huge savings you can benefit from by purchasing a refurbished mobile, instead of a new phone.

  • New vs. used:

    The happiness that a new product brings is undeniable. On the other hand, people are a little wary of buying a used gadget due to a fear of the lack of peak performance. However, there are some great sellers of Refurbished phones who ensure that the phones are in mint condition and delivered in great brand-new packaging. Moreover, they ensure the phones are tested and come with a warranty that assures you of their performance.

  • Untested vs. tested:

    A new model lacks user feedback. You may find that a newer model or newly upgraded features may not be worth the huge expenditure. The previous or earlier model of the phone is always tested and has an impartial reviewer’s response that can help you make an informed decision.

  • Latest vs. earlier:

    The obsession with buying the latest model of a gadget, mobile or car is one of the key selling points for major brands. But it is worth considering the benefits of buying a refurbished or as good as new mobile. Not only do you get a mobile that is tested for optimum performance, but it usually also has nearly all the features as the latest mobile models.

3 Reasons to Purchase Refurbished Phones

3 Reasons to Purchase Refurbished Phones

Still unsure if you should buy a new or a refurbished phone? It can be confusing to decide between refurbished vs. new phone options? Here are the top reasons for purchasing a refurbished phone in Melbourne:

  • The cost factor:

    You make a huge monetary saving when you purchase a refurbished phone. The cost of a new mobile is quite high, while a refurbished mobile is much more economical. The huge savings that you make when buying a refurbished phone can be used to make other purchases or to upgrade to a newer model a few months or some years down the line. Moreover, a new phone loses its monetary value within a few months of buying the phone.

  • As good as new:

    A refurbished phone many-a-times is just used for a brief period or maybe only for demo purchases and then sold as a refurbished/second-hand phone.  Hence, you could just be purchasing a mobile that is only a few months old or is sparsely used and functions like a brand-new phone.

  • Environment friendly:

    Every time you buy a used or refurbished mobile, you are actually doing your bit to reduce e-waste that ends-up in landfills every year. In fact, Australia is the fifth largest e-waste producer in the world, according to a 2019 statistics for global waste generation. Every year, millions metric tonnes of electronic waste are generated. By reusing a second-hand or refurbished device, you are contributing greatly towards a better, eco-friendly world.

  • Why is Mobile Guru best for Refurbished Mobile Phones?

    Mobile Guru is among the leading licensed sellers of used and refurbished mobiles in Australia. Every refurbished mobile that we sell goes through a 72 point check to ensure high performance of the device. We are Australian-owned, and all our mobile phones are strictly Australian Stock. Here are the top reasons for purchasing your next phone from Mobile Guru:

    • Up to 24 months warranty
    • Fast Dispatch
    • Easy 14-Day returns
    • 100% Fully Functional Devices
    • Friendly Team and Customer Service

    Check out our catalogue on the various available models of Refurbished iPhones, Pixels and Galaxy series phones and order today. For details on any model, queries on refurbished vs. new phone or for assistance on any orders, give us a call on 1300 362 017 or send us an email at

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