Things to Consider before Buying Refurbished iPhones in Australia

If you are not the type to blindly rush for the latest iPhone as soon as it hits the market, buying a refurbished iPhone is a great choice. You will save a significant amount of money while reducing your contribution to e-waste. Additionally, you have plenty of options available to choose from compared to the latest iPhones.

Depending on the model, refurbished iPhones are available for significantly less than their new counterparts. While it may be cost-efficient, buying a refurbished iPhone comes with a few compromises. One must expect cosmetic scratches on top of the noticeable wear and tear. However, you also have to consider other factors such as warranty, condition, accessories, and more. Therefore, it is essential to know what you are really getting and whether it's worth it.

So, are you considering a refurbished iPhone? Do you think you've spotted the perfect phone for yourself? Before accepting any offer, you might want to take some notes and research the refurbished iPhone market first. At Mobile Guru, our dedicated team considers all aspects that influence buyers’ purchasing decisions to ensure a great shopping experience. So let us review certain factors to consider before buying a refurbished iPhone in Australia.

  • Condition

You want to make sure that the refurbished iPhone you wish to purchase is in prime condition. Different sellers use different terms to portray this. At Mobile Guru, our refurbished iPhones are graded as follows:

  • Brand new
  • Amazing as a new
  • Ex-demo
  • Used

Regardless of the condition, all our refurbished iPhones are 100% functional and have adequate battery life.

  • Warranty and return policy

Warranty is the aspect that differentiates a refurbished mobile from a second-hand one. It is imperative to know the warranty coverage your device has. Otherwise, you may end up paying a hefty price fixing issues that may arise. Therefore, we offer up to 24 months’ warranty on every refurbished iPhone. In addition, we cover your device with our 30 days’ return policy in case you receive a faulty mobile.

  • Price

It's to be expected that a refurbished iPhone costs less than a new one. However, you want to pay the right price for it and don't want to get overcharged by a seller. Our team is constantly examining the mobile phone market to guarantee the best price. So don't just take our word for it. Instead, search online with other sellers and compare prices. Call us if you find a better quote, and we will beat the quote.

  • Unlocked or not

You might accidentally purchase a locked device if you’ve not checked the phone or clarified it with the seller. These devices are locked to a particular network provider, and you will have to pay extra to unlock them. At Mobile Guru, we sell only Australian stock and fully unlocked refurbished iPhones that can be used on any network in Australia and overseas. They are not iCloud locked or blacklisted as well.

  • Ensure the phone is genuine

You can go one step further to ensure your refurbished iPhone is genuine. Go to the phone’s Settings → General → About, and you will find the IMEI number and the serial number of the mobile. Feed these numbers on Apple’s website and check the status of your device.

  • Check what comes in the box

It's always vital to check what is in the box when dealing with refurbished iPhones. You may not always get the original accessories with the iPhone, but you are  entitled to receive generic equivalent accessories. Every refurbished iPhone purchased with us is securely packed in a Mobile Guru hardbound box. The box includes a fast charging adapter, 3-in-1 charging cable, and SIM card tray pin.

  • The reputation of the seller

The last and the most crucial factor to consider when buying a refurbished iPhone is the authenticity of the seller. Simply put, how well you know the seller plays a vital role in this trade. But don't worry! We have taken care of that for you, too!

Mobile Guru is a licensed second-hand mobile phone dealer in Australia. We are 100% Australian-owned and one of the leading players in the market. Our technical experts always run a 72-point testing diagnostic check on all mobiles to ensure great performance before we list them on the website. Once you make your purchase, your device will be dispatched on the same day and will be delivered at the earliest. We also offer all applicable warranties and a 14-days return policy if you are unsatisfied with the mobile.

Long story short, Mobile Guru helps you get top-notch quality mobiles at very affordable prices. Do you still have questions or want to talk to a team member to find out more about the refurbished iPhone you want to buy? Call us on 1300 362 017, or email us at if that is more convenient, and we will be glad to help you.

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