The Impact of Refurbished Phones on the Circular Economy

Did you know Australia generates over 140,000 tonnes of electronic waste every year? In fact, it ranks fifth among the world’s top producers of e-waste, with over 20kg produced per Australian. Worse, only 17.5% of electronic rubbish is recycled or disposed of correctly. Not only does discarding e-waste adversely impact our environment but our economy also suffers greatly. 

What if there’s a green alternative to help alleviate the impact of technological devices on our planet? Indeed, there is. The concept of circular economy is gaining popularity as more people become aware of sustainability. It is a system where materials and resources are kept in circulation via refurbishment, reuse, and recycling. Let’s explore more on this topic and understand the role of refurbished phones in the circular economy.

Understanding the Circular Economy: An Environmental Imperative

Circularity seems to be the most promising solution to the rising sustainability concerns. Many businesses and environmentalists find the circular economy idea inspiring. This system aims to reduce the amount of products or resources ending in landfills. Instead, they are reused, recycled, or refurbished to be reintroduced into the economy. This method helps to retain the product’s highest value and utility and lowers both environmental and economic losses.

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the circular economy has three principles:

  • Eliminate Waste and Pollution: It works to remove economic activities that negatively affect natural systems and human health, such as all types of pollution, the release of greenhouse gases, and so on. Dumping e-waste contributes to pollution and depletes the resources needed for new phones.
  • Circulate Materials and Products: The main motive in a circular economy is to keep the resources circulating for as long as possible. Businesses need to design their products for reuse, durability, recycling, and remanufacturing. HP follows a closed-loop recycling model where you can buy new cartridges and return used cartridges to the company. Refurbished iPhones from Mobile Guru’s buy-and-sell program is another revolutionary idea that encourages buyers to trade in their old devices in exchange for new ones. The used products are then recycled, resold, or refurbished for valuable components. At present, about 80% of the second-hand smartphone market comprises refurbished iPhones.
  • Regenerate Living Systems: By avoiding the use of non-renewable energy like fossil fuels, it actively improves the environment.

The focus has now shifted to using the circular economy principle globally. In 2021-2022, about A$19 billion was contributed to the Australian economy by the country’s recycling industry. Its new waste management rules intend to regulate various e-waste categories by June 2025. Overall, Australia’s circular economy model could generate A$1,860 billion in direct economic benefits by 2040.

Relevance of Refurbished Phones in the Circular Economy

It’s no surprise, that we use smartphones today for almost everything, including work. Plus, we do switch our devices very often to keep them up-to-date with the latest technology. About 29% of the estimated 23.6 million Australians using smartphones buy a new device every two years. This prompt replacement of devices is a major contributor to electronic rubbish that’s impacting our environment in several ways. 

A brand-new device generates 85 kg of carbon emission during the first year of its usage. Of this, 95% comes from the extraction of raw materials and shipping. Our planet’s limited resources might not support this consumption rate for longer. That’s why second-hand and refurbished phones are a wise option. It extends the usefulness of existing handsets while reducing the demand for producing new ones.

When looking for cheap phones for sale in Australia, you’ll find many companies offering them. One such company is Mobile Guru. We are an online and in-store provider of refurbished phones at discounted rates. Being a licensed seller of recycled devices, you can trust the quality of our products.

When you buy our refurbished cheap phones for sale, you slow down the replacement cycle. Simultaneously, you uplift the country’s circular economy. From the environmental perspective, our products help in:

  • Lessening CO2 emissions
  • Reducing demand for valuable natural resources
  • Minimising e-waste
  • Lowering fuel consumption and energy due to decreased manufacturing

Mobile Guru: Top Refurbished Phones Seller in Australia

At Mobile Guru, we are at the forefront of the phone circular economy. We are a reliable seller of refurbished phones of various brands across Australia. Our commitment is to extend the life of smart devices, contributing to a more sustainable world. By reducing carbon footprint, our renewed products create a positive impact on the environment:

Our refurbished iPhones for sale meet the latent demand of people wanting to buy their dream phone at a lower price. To ensure their high-performance standard, our phones undergo a 72-point check and come with up to 24 months’ warranty. It is as good as buying a new handset.

Are you looking to purchase refurbished phones at economical prices in Australia? If so, visit our website to explore all the latest options. Let’s participate in the circular economy initiative and together contribute to reducing e-waste.

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