Why is the iPhone So Successful?

The iPhone is one of the most successful Apple products since its release in 2007. iPhones have more than 1 billion active users around the world and Apple has sold around 2 billion iPhones to date. They are also the first electronic device to generate $1 trillion in consumer revenue. It's been 15 years since the first iPhone was released and the aspiration to own the latest one is still growing among users. So, what are the aspects that made the Apple iPhone super successful?

The Smartphone Landscape before the iPhone’s release

Back in the early 2000s, Blackberry, Nokia, HTC and Motorola were ruling the mobile phone industry with their smaller screened smartphones and external keypads. However, they failed to capture the spirit of the generation. When Apple first released its iPhone, many predicted its doom, citing its unreasonable pricing and lack of a physical keypad. But they were all proved wrong when the reviews and numbers started pouring in. The iPhone was a sleek combination of the successful iPod and a smartphone. It provided ease of use with a touchscreen interface and many other never seen before new technologies.

Features That Made the iPhone a Huge Success

Understanding the success of the iPhone requires a closer look at its features along with its origin and history. Here’s what made the Apple iPhone a standout.

  • Design

When the iPhone was first unveiled, it grew popular for its breakthrough design that was simple and accessible. In this era of social media, people buy things that will boost their social status and make them feel good about themselves. And the iPhone has constantly won the game with its design.

  • Innovation

Apple is one of the most successful companies not just because of its marketing strategies but also because of constant innovation. The very first iPod had a scroll wheel which was an intuitive technology at that time. Apple also adds value to its products by releasing apps and software updates to keep them up-to-date.

  • Quality

iPhones are one of the best examples to show that customers will be ready to pay exorbitant prices for premium quality products. On every launch day, the iPhones go out of stock in most stores. Even the most expensive versions of the iPhone have the highest demand from customers.

  • Customer Loyalty

Most customers of Apple are repeat buyers who will buy more than two products every year. More than 90% of iPhone users will buy from Apple when they are replacing or upgrading their phones. No smartphone company has achieved this retention percentage so far. This shows that customer loyalty is one of the biggest strengths of the iPhone's success. The huge number of loyal customers creates an instant market for new product releases even without a marketing campaign.

  • Support

Regardless of how well the system is designed, customers are going to face tech issues. Apple has excellent customer service online and offline. You can walk into an Apple store anytime and get a customer service expert to resolve your issue.

  • Security

Apple iPhones have a strong security system that will protect your data from hackers or viruses. It is near impossible to crack the encryption of a locked iPhone. When you are using an Apple iPhone your information will be secure.

  • Mac Integration

Apple has its ecosystem designed in a way that flows effortlessly. Mac is known to be one of the most intuitive devices in the market and you will need a phone that seamlessly integrates with it. If you own an Apple Watch, Macbook or iPhone, you will know how easy it is to access all your information from any device with the help of iCloud.

Where to Buy Your Next iPhone?

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