Why Didn't Apple Launch iPhone 9?

Most Apple fans are keen to know why there has never been an iPhone 9. Are you one of them? If so, today we will help you know some of the reasons why Apple never released a new product called the iPhone 9 after its iPhone 8 models. Let us find out why!

Apple's mobile brand has always been significantly different from the competition. The brand’s name is synonymous with words like quality and innovation. Apple has consistently put out innovative products that have changed how people use smartphones. All of their products are designed with an eye on aesthetics, and they are consistently one of the sleekest and most stylish brands available.

iPhone enthusiast or not, we all know that Apple skipped the number and went straight from iPhone 8 to iPhone X, where X denotes 10 in Roman numerals. People have anticipated a lot of reasons behind this. There is a high possibility that the decision to skip the iPhone 9 for the big mobile brand was a combination of three factors which we have listed below.

1. iPhone's 10th Anniversary -

This is the most legitimate reason that we have come across. It was actually the iPhone's 10th birthday when the time came to launch the iPhone 9. This was when the company decided to roll out the iPhone X on its 10th anniversary because they were one year short on its numbering. So, rather than following the convention, Apple decided to skip the number 9 and directly jump to 10 with its iPhone X. 

This beautifully tied up the launch of the new model of the iPhone with its 10th anniversary. In simple words, the phone was called 10 and was released in the 10th year of the iPhone. This made it really special for the company and its users.

2. Major iPhone Upgrade -

The new phone was a lot different from the previous models. From iPhone 8 to iPhone X, there was a major upgrade that was not just about the device's appearance. With its new design and branding, iPhone X was able to acquire and acclimate people as much as possible.

The iPhone X was the first phone to break the mark of $1000. iPhone 9 would have failed to encapsulate the premium nature of being such an expensive device at that time. So, in order to make the price valid for the customers, Apple made a lot of fuss around the iPhone X being different from its older versions.

Also, it does not have the home button and has the option of FACE ID. The screen was expanded to almost the entire front side of the phone, making it a more immersive experience for the users. All this implies that the iPhone X gave a new and more innovative touch to the brand as well as the gadget.

3. Sensible Marketing Approach -

Since it was one of the only phones to touch the $1000 mark, the company had to come up with something that was more compelling than what it used to sell. It was only possible if they launched the iPhone X because the brand was completely changing the look, feel, and functions of their iPhones more or less overnight. Apple decided to pretty much change everything about iPhones, from how people interact with iOS to how the phone is being unlocked. They made it clear as a winning deal for customers to pay for goods.

One more thing that needs to be added here is that, unlike the iPhone 8 series, there was just one iPhone X in 2017 that amalgamates all the features that are being upgraded. This made people more interested in the new model and made them pay the big bucks. The marketing team certainly believes that if the brand called the iPhone X the “iPhone 9”, it would never have been able to make the same impact.

In a nutshell,

Unlike how many people said, and as far as it's been speculated, the decision to skip iPhone 9 was never due to any kind of superstition. To be very logical, if it was, Apple would have skipped the launch of the iPhone 13 also. Overall, it can be said that it was simply a business move when the company came up with the iPhone X. This is perhaps crucial for the tech giant at that moment in time!

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