Why Does Apple Announce New Products in September?

Apple is the most valuable company today. Apple has a wide range of products including the iPhone, iPad, Airpod, iMac, Apple Watch and Apple TV. Like most buyers, you may also find Apple products irresistible. Not only do they come with a premium tag, they also have a solid build and deliver top-notch performance.

If you are a regular follower of Apple's range of products, you may have seen that most new Apple products are launched in September. iPhone enthusiasts and buyers eagerly wait for September to find out about the new models or product launches. This sets the tone for holiday purchases and gifts for family and self.

Not only individual people but bulk buyers like schools and big companies wait for the new line-up and upgrades before making their decisions. Every September means new and upgraded products with better designs. Whether you are a new or a first-time buyer or someone looking for a reason to change your existing products, Apple’s new product launches in September gives you the perfect reason to shop.

But why September and not any other month? Here are a few reasons that make September an ideal month for Apple’s new launches.

  • Holiday Season: September is the month that paves the way for the holiday season in the U.S. and the rest of the world. Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday and Christmas are all big spending seasons especially on electronic products. You will also be tempted by attractive discounts offered on a range of products, be it a new iMac or a refurbished iPhone by manufacturers and sellers.
  • Back to School/Work: When you are enjoying summer holidays or college break with your family, buying electronics is the last thing you will have on your mind. But when you are back to work or college after the summer break and before the onset of the Christmas holidays, you are more inclined to buy one.
  • Marketing Gimmick: You may or may not agree with the commentators, who call it a marketing strategy of Apple. But you have to agree that most buyers find the urge to check out the new range of products of Apple, once they are unveiled in September. You will be surprised to know that as people upgrade to newer models and sell their existing iPad and iPhones, the secondary market for these products also sees a spike. It is a perfect time to pick up a “as good as new” or a refurbished iPhone at a bargaining price.

Is New Always Better?

Like most buyers, you too may be confused between buying a new and top-of-the-line iPhone or iPad launched in September and a used product. Both types of products have their appeal. While the newness of an electronic product is appealing to many users, the discount and saving on a pre-owned product makes refurbished devices attractive to most users.

As a buyer, you may feel that new or top Apple products are very expensive and beyond your means. The pre-owned products market lets you buy only a few months old iPhone or iPad at an affordable price. As every refurbished iPhone is thoroughly checked, cleaned and upgraded to the latest security patches and software updates, you get a high-performance phone with great savings. The refurbishing process also fixes hardware issues and usually comes with a warranty from the seller.

Why should you buy a refurbished iPhone?

Here are some of the reasons that you should consider buying a refurbished iPhone or any other Apple product after the annual September launch event:

  • You get a recent or perfectly working iPhone for a bargaining price
  • You buy a phone with nearly all the new features
  • You can buy an “unlocked” phone and choose your carrier and plan
  • You also get all applicable manufacturer or seller’s warranty

Why Mobile Guru for Refurbished iPhones?

After the September launch of new Apple products and the newest models of iPhones, Mobile Guru can source the best pre-owned iPhones that are only a few weeks or months old. We sell these iPhones that have nearly all the features of the iPhone launched in September at a discount to our buyers. All refurbished phones are sold after a comprehensive 72-point check and come with up to 24 months of warranty. We also ship all products the same day you order them from our website.

For queries and assistance, you can call us on 1300 362 017 or write to us at hello@mobileguruaustralia.com.au.

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