What is the Slam Effect on the iPhone?

Your iPhone has a ton of features that make it fun to use. The Slam effect is a feature that lets your message slam down onto the screen of the receiver. This shakes everything on the screen and will certainly grab attention. Apple’s iMessage has evolved over the years with various iPhone models and is amongst the most used messaging apps today. Are you looking for iMessage tips and tricks? Allow us to show you how to use the slam effect and make your messages stand out.

Why Use the Slam Effect in Your Messages?

There are several reasons why iPhone users like to send a Slam message. Maybe the user wishes to grab the attention of the reader. The reasons may vary but the benefits won’t. Here are a few benefits of sending a message with the slam effect:

  • It’s a fun and funky way of sending messages
  • Flaunting the unique iPhone feature
  • Grab the receiver's attention
  • Shows the importance or urgency of your message
  • Can also be used to show irritation or displeasure
  • Adds variety or style to your message

How do you use the Slam feature?

Are you still trying to figure out how to use the Slam feature on your iPhone? Simply follow these steps to send a “Slam” message from your iPhone.

  • Go to the iMessage app.
  • Tap the compose button.
  • Type the text message that you want to send or attach a photo.
  • Touch and hold or long-press the “Send” button or the upward pointing arrow (↑).
  • This opens a new window “Send with effect”.
  • Choose the “SLAM” option, which is the first option with “Loud”, “Gentle” and “Invisible Ink” as the other options.
  • Tap on the grey dot for the preview.
  • Click on the send button to send a message with a slamming effect.

Why is the Slam Feature Not Working on My iPhone?

Is the Slam feature not working on your iPhone? Does the intended recipient of your message get it without the Slam effect? There are several situations when the Slam feature on the iPhone may not work, such as:

  • You have an older or unsupported iPhone model
  • The receiver has an old and unsupported device
  • The receiver is not using iMessages
  • The receiver is not using an iPhone

How to turn off the Slam feature and other effects?

There may be times when you just want to turn off the Slam, Loud and other special effects of iMessage. You may find it complicated to use or you prefer a simpler way of messaging. To turn it the special effects from the messaging app follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone
  • Click on General
  • Select Accessibility
  • Click on Reduce Motion
  • Toggle it
  • A second toggle will appear → View all effects of iMessages
  • Turn it off
  • You are back to normal texting

Are "Special Effects" Really All That Special?

While the use of special effects like slamming, laser shows and confetti parties depend on your choice and preference, there is no denying their specialty. Gone are the days of simple text messages. You want your message, emotions and intent to go across in style. Sending messages with special effects makes you look cool and in sync with the times while sprucing up the messages. You can always convey your mood through these so that the receiver has an idea how to respond appropriately. Like emojis, special effects add emotion or feelings to your texts.

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