iPad Air vs. iPad Pro – Which One is Best for You?

iPads are known for sleek designs matched with cutting-edge technology. If you're looking to buy a new iPad, you may find yourself undecided between two of its most popular models - the iPad Air and iPad Pro. Both of these have exciting features and abilities, but which one is best suited for you? Let us look into the differences between both of these to help you make the best choice.

Design and Display:

Let's first look at the design of both. Both these models come with a sleek and futuristic design – which is a hallmark of Apple products. While both iPad Air and iPad Pro have slim bezels and streamlined designs, there are some noticeable differences as well. These are mostly in weight and size.

The iPad Air display is 10.9 inches, whereas the iPad Pro comes in either an 11-inch or 12.9-inch Liquid Retina display. iPad Air is lighter and easier to hold and can be used on the go. It may be the preferred option for you if you prefer portable devices. iPad Pro scores an engaging viewing experience as it comes with its larger display, which helps with video viewing, graphic designing viewing or any other task, in which a larger display is better suited.

Power and Performance:

iPad Pro delivers a power-packed performance that amazes its users. It has Apple's M1 chip under the hood, which also powers ups the iconic Mac devices. That’s why, the iPad Pro gives you desktop-like powerhouse performance. You can use it for various high-power demand tasks, 3D modelling, gaming and video editing.

Compare that to iPad Air which is powered by an A14 Bionic chip. Though it is less powerful than the M1 chip iPad Pro, you still get great power for your day-to-day tasks. For most users, the processing power of iPad Air is more than sufficient for their various routine or daily tasks. However, for professionals who use demanding software applications, iPad Pro might be the preferred option.


Like most Apple products, both iPad Air and iPad Pro both boast great cameras. iPad Air has a single 12-megapixel camera that comes with several great features, such as up to 5x Digital zoom, 5-element lens, autofocus, Smart HDR 3, and an up to 63MP Panorama. This makes it one of the best cameras in the comparable phone or tablet category.

iPad Pro, in comparison, is a virtual powerhouse of features, when it comes to the camera. It offers a dual-camera set-up with a 12-megapixel wide lens and a 10-megapixel ultra-wide lens. This helps you take stunning videos and photos with amazing clarity and flexibility. For augmented reality (AR) enthusiasts, it also has a LiDAR scanner that helps in the accurate measurement of distances with better object placements.


When it comes to audio, both iPad Pro and iPad Air deliver a great experience. iPad Pro has the upper hand with studio quality microphone, which makes it easy to record professional-level audio. It also has four special audio with support for Dolby Atmos. This helps it deliver a cinema-like sound.


You can connect seamlessly to Apple Pencil and the Magic Keyboard with your iPad. This helps you type, write or draw with super-ease. As the Magic Keyboard comes in two sizes always check your model before buying a compatible accessory. These different sizes help the Magic keyboard to connect with different models of iPad.


iPad Air has decent connectivity with a USB-C port. However, iPad Pro is much superior and allows you to transform data at lightning speed. It does this with USB 4, which allows it to connect with various devices and help with superfast data transfer with external devices. This again comes does to individual requirements. Go for iPad Pro if your work or iPad usage needs you to connect with various devices such as external monitors, high-speed storage devices, and other accessories. Here, the enhanced and faster connectivity proves to be the game-changer.


The budget also impacts the decision of most buyers when it comes to choosing between iPad Air and iPad Pro. Of the two, iPad Air is more affordable and for budget-conscious buyers. The price of your iPad Air may also depend on the storage capacity and the connectivity you select. It is a perfect way to enter the iPad universe without breaking the bank.

iPad Pro is for premium buyers, who want a high-quality and feature-rich product. While it is more expensive, it comes with loads of features and delivers a top-notch performance on every perimeter.

Ultimately, you can select between iPad Air and iPad Pro based on your preference, needs, and budget. If you prefer an accessible price with decent performance and portability, then you can select the iPad Air. If the price is not an issue and you want a high-performing device with various features and Mac notebook-like performance, then go for iPad Pro. Both of these models are the hallmark of innovation and excellence that has made Apple one of the most loved brands. Irrespective of which model you choose, you are sure to get the next level of digital experience with both of these great Apple devices.

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