Does Your Aunty or Grandma Need an Easy-to-use phone? Buy Refurbished Mobiles Today at Discounted Rates!

Buying a smartphone for older adults isn’t all that simple. There are a lot of factors you must consider before choosing the right model. Ease of use and a simplified user interface is much more important than, say, a superior camera with night-recording capabilities. Small features like a physical home button or docking capability go a long way towards improving usability for seniors.

You have to remember that your aunt or grandma was born in an era when technology was not as advanced. The seniors in your family may struggle with technologically advanced devices possessing features, most of which they may never use. Therefore, it makes sense to buy a refurbished phone that may not have the most fancy features, but aces in usability, connectivity and a long-lasting battery. The important thing is to remember that you are buying a phone for someone whose needs, understanding, and access to technology are different from yours.

Why Should You Buy Refurbished Phones?

Are you wondering if you should buy a new mobile, second-hand, or a refurbished mobile for your grandma? They all have their pros and cons, which must be carefully weighed before deciding. A new mobile may be prohibitively expensive in many cases. A second-hand mobile is cheap but there are no guarantees about its performance and may have internal issues. A refurbished phone presents the best of both worlds: a brand new-like mobile for the price of a used phone.

Here are the benefits of buying a refurbished phone for your aunt or Grandma in Australia:

  • Saves money: You can save money when you buy a refurbished phone, instead of a new mobile. A refurbished device that is “as-good-as-new” can be purchased without breaking the bank. Senior adults are also somewhat price-sensitive and prefer cheaper alternatives to expensive mobiles.
  • Older models availability: You can find slightly older mobiles that suit your purpose in the refurbished section. Technology upgrade isn’t always for the better. Older phones may have comparable technology with better features and a solid build – perfect for your aunt or grandma.
  • Multi-point check: A refurbished mobile goes through multiple checks and is a perfect, high-performance device for the senior adult in your family. Phone breakdowns are a nuisance and stressful experience for the user. Refurbished phones that are thoroughly checked and tested are much better than untested, second-hand mobiles.
  • Build quality: While your aunt, uncle or grandpa may not appreciate the hardware, older mobile models generally have superior build quality. Seniors may drop their devices accidentally and so a solid build ensures that they can use the mobile with confidence and ease.
  • Long-lasting battery: With a refurbished mobile you get a long-lasting battery. This is an important requirement as frequently charging the phone is difficult and bothersome for your older relatives, who may be forgetful at times.
  • Saves the environment: Every time you buy a refurbished phone, you save the environment. This is a cause your aunt or grandma will greatly appreciate.

How to Find a User-friendly Smartphone for Seniors?

If you have decided to buy a refurbished mobile for a senior relative, you should specifically look for one with the right features. This is to ensure ease of use so that they are not overwhelmed by it. A user-friendly smartphone for seniors should have:

  • Loud ringtone: Older people find a phone with a loud ringtone useful as a loud volume ensures that they do not miss calls or messages. In case they forget where they have kept their mobile, they can easily find it too.
  • Voice-enabled feature: People are increasingly moving to voice-enabled gadgets as they are easy to use, seniors included. They no longer have to fiddle with controls and are very helpful if they have medical conditions that make hand navigation difficult.
  • In-built or preloaded apps: Check for built-in and preloaded apps as seniors may be unfamiliar with downloading and installing new apps.
  • Hearing aid and gadget integration: This is not a must-have but a useful feature nonetheless. Many refurbished mobiles come with a hearing aid integration that is invaluable. An SOS button or easy reminder set-up are some other examples of useful features.

Find Easy-To-Use Smartphones for Seniors at Mobile Guru

Mobile Guru is amongst the top sellers of refurbished mobiles in Australia. Check out high-performing and easy-to-use smartphones for seniors on our website. We offer “as-good-as-new” and thoroughly tested mobiles at discounted prices. Every refurbished phone in our collection comes with a warranty and is shipped the same or the next day. We also offer easy returns and deliver Australia-wide. For any assistance or queries, you can call us on 1300 362 017 or write to us at

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