7 Spooky Things Your Smartphone Knows About You

Your smartphone tracks your online and offline activities and collects tons of mobile phone data on you. Surprised? From passwords and Ids, to travel and location tracking, your smartphone tracks you in ways you can never imagine. Perhaps it is time to change the privacy settings and control what your smartphone knows about you.

Your smartphone is an integral part of your life. Can you imagine even a single day without your mobile? However, with your over dependence on your smartphones, are you unknowingly giving it more information about your life than you ever intended to? You’ll be surprised to know the incredible things that your device knows about you. It can be scary and unnerving for anyone.

Here are just some of the things that your phone knows about you:

  1. Places you have visited: Do you know that your smartphone can track your movements? All mobiles have internal tracking which helps them monitor your movement and know your location at any given point in time. Unless you turn off the “location history”, your phone tracks and records all places you visit.
  2. Information you share with browsers: As part of the “software licence agreement” you agree to share every kind of information with Chrome or any other browser that you use. If you use an android phone, your Google account is used for linking to all Google services and websites. Similarly, your phone can also keep a record of all sites you visit, your calls, messages and your movements or location history.
  3. All things you tell Voice assistant: As part of the “licence agreement” that you agreed to, your voice assistant records an incredible amount of data on your searches. Be it Siri, Google Assistant or any other, everything you say is recorded and stored.
  4. Your messages: You send a text message, then delete it and that’s the end of it – or so you think. The mobile company’s servers keep a record of all your messages and conversations for an “unspecified” amount of time in an encrypted form.
  5. Your passwords and IDs: Your smartphone stores all your personal IDs, passcodes, or passwords. While it is a convenient way to access multiple accounts and websites, it also increases your vulnerability to hackers. Despite big tech and mobile companies constantly upgrading their firewalls, there is no guarantee against data breaches that compromises your digital security.
  6. Information you have shared with apps: You will be astonished by the amount of information that the various apps access on your phone. The “app information” that you have freely shared may result in incredibly accurate and annoying advertisements that you are bombarded with. Turning off such settings will limit these annoyances.
  7. Your travel speed and mode: Your phone can track every place you have been to, your mode of travel and even the speed during your travel! You may be surprised or even creeped out by the “____ minutes to reach ______” notifications you receive on your trip. If so, you can simply turn off the location history in your smartphone.

What to Keep in Mind Before Choosing a Smartphone?

Buying a phone is an investment. Therefore, it pays to consider certain parameters while buying one. We have shared six important criteria for choosing a smartphone below:

  1. Budget: Choose the best smartphone as per your budget. Buying a high-end phone beyond your budget is troublesome, while a cheaper mobile lacks the features that you may be looking for. You may also consider a refurbished phone to help you save money by getting a fully functional phone with good features within your budget.
  2. OS: The operating system is another key factor in the buying decision of a smartphone. Both iOS and Android have incredible features and supporters. Based on your choice or familiarity, you can buy either iPhone or Android-based phones.
  3. Storage: Check the internal storage before buying a mobile. Always go for a phone with higher storage or with an expendable external storage option. A used or refurbished phone can help you get a mobile with higher storage without breaking the bank.
  4. Battery: Battery drain or slow charging battery ruins the smartphone experience. Check the battery capacity and charging time before selecting a phone model.
  5. Camera: Always buy a mobile with a good camera as it is a treasure trove of memories that you will always fall back upon. Newer models tend to have better cameras and picture quality.
  6. Specifications: Check the specifications of the smartphone version or model that you want to buy before purchasing. Other important things to consider are RAM, processor and chip as these affect the phone's performance.

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