Why Are iPhones More Expensive Than Android?

Android users and iPhone users have been engaging in online battles for a very long time. Apple aims to create a visually appealing product that is highly efficient and durable, whereas Android devices are primarily designed as convenient and affordable products. Apple designs and creates both the hardware and software necessary to create iPhones. In comparison, Samsung and other manufacturers have predominantly used Google's operating system for their devices. The differences are already apparent but many still wonder why the iPhone is so expensive. In this article, let us go through the variety of reasons that may explain the pricing of iPhones.

  • Design and Research

    Apple is a company that believes in thorough research and development instead of cheap replications. It spends a lot of time and money refining each feature to provide a better user experience. Everything is completely designed and managed by Apple, right from the beginning to the end. Most features that exist in the current iPhone are design innovations by Apple. You can spot most companies copying the design a few months after the release of a new iPhone.

  • Hardware and Software

    Initially, the overall performance and speed of android devices are good but gradually deteriorate over time. Apple devices have the best quality hardware and their software integration is one of the best in the market. This way, the iPhone delivers the same performance as long as the device doesn't undergo any kind of physical damage.

  • Security

    Apple iPhones have high-level security superior to other brands. Customers trust Apple with their confidential information because of consistent efforts in providing the best data security.

  • Social Status

    iPhones have always been the centre of attention as they bring a sense of improved social status among their users. People often update to the latest version of the iPhone to maintain a spot in their social circle. The brand value is boosted by the loyal customer base.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Current iPhones with their processing speed and RAM are capable of replacing entry to medium-level personal computers. Many businesses have replaced the traditional request for phone calls and website visits with iOS applications. iPhones have proved to be technological powerhouses capable of handling demanding duties.

  • Components

    Apple sources its components from every corner of the world and manufactures them at scale by hand. iPhones include high human costs and complex components such as compact and powerful A-series processors, gorilla glass, accelerometers, multitouch screens, and gyroscopes. This device that you carry around every day can easily replace a 5-year-old PC.

  • Life-span

    Apple is devoted to providing the best quality phones available in the market. Apple devices provide excellent customer service, longer battery life and better durability. It should not be a surprise that the lifespan of iPhones is greater than the average Android smartphone.

While Apple is one of the big players in the market, it continues to position its product at a higher-end price point. Apple reaps a higher profit margin than its competitors with each phone that is sold.

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