When did the iPhone 7 come out? Is it worth buying in 2022?

We are in an age where Apple is coming out with new phones every 6 months. Yet these models are as expensive as ever! Many people do not have any problem freely splurging their cash for the latest version of iPhone with its greatest features while others prefer to save their money by sticking to previous-gen devices.

If you want to buy an iPhone at an affordable price, the iPhone 7 would be an awesome choice. Since it was released in 2016, this phone might be a bit outdated when compared with today's standards. However, due to the great value that it offers, the phone is still pretty popular compared to some newer models and is worth buying.

Now, we will give you a quick overview of the essential aspects that you should know about the iPhone 7!

An Overview of Specifications, Features & Performance of iPhone 7

An Overview of Specifications, Features & Performance of iPhone 7

  • Style and build quality - The design of the iPhone 7 was never a giant leap from the ​​older models. However, it had improved features in almost every aspect. The design had a more streamlined hump around the camera lens with a new colour/finish. It also had serious speakers that were for pushing the sound out of the bottom of the phone and through the earpiece. 
  • Display - The display size of the iPhone 7 is 4.7 inches with a 720p screen, while the iPhone 7 Plus version comes with a 5.5 inches display. One thing that has to be mentioned is that the gadget is 25% brighter than the older versions and shows a wider range of colours. 
  • Home button and Taptic Engine - iPhone 7 was added with a second-generation Taptic Engine that simulates a button click and produces more precise feedback. You would also feel the fingertip sensors are much quicker and easily unlock the device within a few microseconds.
  • Headphone jack - The iPhone 7 also removed the headphone jack which makes it a necessity to have a dongle to listen to music with the help of the lighting charging port. It often turned out to be a big deal for most as you have to carry along the dongle wherever you go to use the wired headphone. 
  • Water-resistance - Water resistance was one of the best features that were added to this device. With IP67 water and dust resistance rating, the phone is capable of lasting up to 30 minutes completely submerged in 3 feet of water. Please do not confuse the feature with the phone as being waterproof.
  • Size - Although it is perfect to be used with one hand, the phone is much smaller in size compared to the newer iPhone available in today's market. The size of the iPhone 7 is nearly identical to its previous two generations, dating back to the iPhone 6. The phone weighs in at 138g which makes it a tad lighter than the iPhone 6S/6S Plus. Its size measures 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1mm.
  • Performance - The iPhone 7 features Apple's A10 Fusion chip, a quad-core processor that has two high-performance cores as well as two low-power cores. These are for using less battery power and improved battery life. Talking about its performance after the launches of models, it still feels snappy and quick. The phone features 2GB of RAM, similarly to the previous iPhones.
  • Storage - The phone was made available in a few storage configurations: 32/128/256GB. You have to consider the fact that with life photos, heavy applications and games and 4K videos, having a device with 32GB is nothing. The 256GB model was discontinued with the release of the iPhone 8. 

Where's The Best Place to Buy an iPhone 7?

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