What can Mobile Guru DO for You?

G’day Reader!

We understand your fear of buying used devices online.

Does it work properly? Does it have any major damages? Does it have any hidden bugs?What if I get a dud phone?

Well we’re here to erase all those worrying questions from your mind.

Mobile Guru is a licensed second hand dealer and ensures 100% Australian stock items. We can promise you the following:

  • Product Quality Guaranteed – As a licensed second hand phone dealer, we do a physical inspection of the devices and refurbish some of them. We describe these conditions under Amazing as New, Ex-Display, Good and Average.
  • Device in Perfect Working Condition – We run the device through our diagnostic software to check for any bugs or faulty internal problems before selling it in our website.
  • Cheap Deals – We will always beat our competitor’s price in the market. Honestly we may not be as low priced as DIY buying from a buy and sell social media group but what we guarantee is you’ll get that NEW-ish phone without all the tediousness of DIY buying like meet ups and lengthy negotiations plus how can you be sure that phone is working properly? DIY sellers don’t have a return policy or warranty.
  • Risk-free – What is the greatest fear for used phone buyers? The product quality via expectations vs reality. Mobile Guru offers a 30 days return policy if device didn’t meet buyer expectations.
  • Transparency – We can send you actual pictures of the devices when asked and we’re upfront if ever the devices have any physical flaws because we’re confident in their internal performance. We provide excellent customer service wherein you can talk to a team member through a phone call at 1300 362 017, email us at hello@mobileguruaustralia.com.au or just message our pop out chat box here!
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