List of iPhones Released by Year

Apple was considered to be well ahead of its time when the first ever iPhone was released. It has reimagined the phone landscape ever since. Over the years, Apple has released several iPhone versions and we will briefly take you through the design and features of each one of them.

  • The Original iPhone - Jan 2007

This was the first mobile phone to have a built-in MP3 player, a fully functional web browser and a touch screen interface. It came with a 16GB storage capacity and a 3.5” display screen.

  • iPhone 3G - July 2008

Apple was working on the launch of a new iPhone while it was enjoying the success of the very first iPhone. The major difference between the original and the next iPhone was the App store and the 3G connectivity. The iPhone was originally released with a storage capacity of 16 GB, a memory of 128 MB, a 3 MP camera and a 3.5” display screen.

  • iPhone 3G (S) - June 2009

Apple upgraded the previous version of the iPhone with 32 GB storage capacity and 256 MB memory to support the use of the App store.

  • iPhone 4 - June 2010

The thickness of the iPhone 4 was 9.3mm while that of the original iPhone was 11.6mm. This version of the iPhone had 512 MB storage, a 5 MP camera and a 3.5” display screen.

  • iPhone 4 (S) - Oct, 2011

With the iPhone 4 (S), Apple introduced Siri, the digital personal assistant, and a 1080p video recorder along with 64 GB storage and an 8 MP camera.

  • iPhone 5 - Sep 2012

Apple seemed to get better and better with its innovation and introduced lightning connectors, LTE connectivity and 1 GB memory with this iPhone.

  • iPhone 5 (S) and 5(C) - Sep, 2013

Apple released the upgraded iPhone 5 versions a year later with a 4” display, 8 MP camera, touch ID, dual flash, and slow-motion video capture.

  • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus - Sep 2014

iPhone 6 was an all-out improvement in technology and another huge success for Apple. This version grew to reach levels beyond the previous ones with its 5.5” screen, retina display, 128 GB storage, 2 GB memory and a 12 MP camera.

  • iPhone SE - March 2016

This was an affordable variant of the iPhone 6 without the 3D touch screen.

With this iPhone, Apple removed the headphone jack to replace the earbuds with a wireless converter and AirPods. iPhone 7 came with a base option of 16GB memory along with 32 GB and 256 GB storage variants too. The phone also had a jet black colour variant and a dual camera.

  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus - Sep 2017

Users were happy with the photo editing and filter options, and were used to the AirPod lifestyle. The iPhone 8 introduced a true tone display, wireless charging and a glass back cover.

  • iPhone X - Nov, 2017

With this version, Apple removed the home button and introduced Face ID. Users fell in love with the portrait mode, improved display resolution, and extra front-facing camera. The iPhone XS and XS max were released a year later with a super retina display, powerful cameras and awesome looks. 

  • iPhone 11, 11 Pro and Pro Max - Sep 2019

The iPhone 11 had 11 MP and 12 MP back cameras with an ultra-wide lens. The Pro variant has a slightly bigger display screen. The iPhone 11 Pro Max had similar features with a larger screen and Super HD Retina XDR Display. 

iPhone 11 FAQ

  • iPhone 12 - Oct 2020

Apple introduced ceramic shield covers to increase the durability of the iPhone. This variant had dual cameras with the capacity to shoot Dolby vision HDR videos. The iPhone 12 boasted 5G connectivity and the best video quality.

iPhone 12 FAQ

  • iPhone 13, Pro and Pro Max - Sep 2021

The iPhone 13 had a new processor along with better battery life and camera. The notch was significantly smaller than in the previous versions and did not have a charging adapter.

iPhone 13 FAQ

  • iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max - Sep 2022

The iPhone 14 has witnessed an overall improvement in memory and performance to support mobile gaming. The notch design, the Face ID sensors and the front-facing camera also house a notification bar. The iPhone 14 Pro Max has an upgraded 48 MP primary camera, and an emergency SOS feature supported by satellite and crash detection. This enables users to access emergency services even when they don’t have access to wifi connectivity or cell service.

iPhone 14 FAQ

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