iPhone X vs. XS: Should You Upgrade Now? What's The Difference?


We all want a feature-rich smartphone that comes with a good camera and great battery backup. One such mobile that has constantly won admiration and offers great value for money is iPhone XS. Get an iPhone XS upgrade with Mobile Guru, one of Australia’s largest sellers of used and refurbished iPhones. We offer up to 24 months of warranty on refurbished phones and give you awesome offers and the best prices on each phone.

Are you wondering which model is best suited for you? Do you find yourself in a dilemma between selecting iPhone X vs. XS space grey? The upgraded iPhone XS has emerged as the favourite amongst the two models for users and reviewers alike. The iPhone XS comes in three colours and you can pick your favourite between these:

  • Silver
  • Space grey
  • Gold

We have listed below the key differences between iPhone X and XS:


The iPhone XS comes with an A12 Bionic chip processor that makes it very fast. The lag time between switching applications is virtually non-existent with iPhone XS. You also get superior graphics and fast gameplay with iPhone XS. Moreover, graphic-heavy applications run very fast on this model.


The camera of the iPhone XS is a huge upgrade over the iPhone X. The camera works well even in low light performance. The camera app is much faster too! With more focal points, you can enjoy sharp and clear pictures. The shutter lag in iPhone XS is minimal allowing you to continuously take pictures. You can take in-depth and pleasing blur photos with the iPhone XS. This is a big reason for opting for an upgrade to iPhone XS.


One of the deciding factors for any buyer is the storage that the mobile offers. Here are the storage capacity differences between the two models:

iPhone X comes with two different storage capacities:

  • 64GB
  • 256GB

key differences between iPhone X and XS

iPhone XS comes with three different storage capacities:

  • 64GB
  • 256GB
  • 512GB

The higher storage is useful if you use your phone to store a lot of photos, videos and use large-size applications. This also helps you transfer photos or videos to your laptop or a cloud storage service with greater ease.

IPhone X vs. XS: Battery:

There is no huge difference between the batteries of the two phones. However, the iPhone XS battery is still an upgrade over iPhone X. The battery of iPhone X has an extra 30 minutes of backup compared to the battery of the iPhone XS. That gives you an extra half an hour of usage before you need to plug in the phone for charging.

IPhone X Series: Which One is Right for You?

IPhone X Series comes in various models. These are:

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR

You can select as per your preference, budget and the availability of the phone. Here are awesome features of the popular iPhone X Series:

  • OLED multi-touch display
  • Super Retina HD display
  • HDR display
  • 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras
  • Pre-loaded Siri
  • 3D Touch
  • Fingerprint-resistant coating
  • Support for display of multiple languages
  • Splash & water-resistant
  • Dust resistant

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