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Difference between the iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro Max

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is a massive upgrade over the previous iPhone 12 Pro Max. With new phones launched by Apple every year, you are always tempted to switch to a newer version. Even if your iPhone 12 Pro Max or an earlier model is working fine, it is worth checking out the iPhone 13 Pro Max and its various features.

If you want a refurbished iPhone 13 Pro Max, you can also get a great discount and own a phone with advanced features at a decent price. Are you wondering whether the iPhone 13 Pro Max is better than iPhone 12 Pro Max? Do you want to know if it is worth the extra money? Let us help you with that.

Here are some comparative specifications between the two models:


iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Display (in inches)



Display (type)

Super Retina XDR display

Super Retina XDR display

Storage size

128/ 256/ 512 GB/ 1TB

128/ 256/ 512 GB

Rear camera

Pro 12MP (Wide, Ultra-Wide & Telephoto)

Pro 12MP (Wide, Ultra-Wide & Telephoto)

Front Camera

12MP True Depth

12MP True Depth


3x optical/15x digital

2.5x optical/12x digital

Colours available

Gold, Silver, Graphite, Sierra Blue, Alpine Green

Gold, Silver, Graphite, Pacific Blue

Processor type

A15 Bionic

A14 Bionic

Resolution rate

2778 x 1284/458

2778 x 1284/458


Superfast 5G

Superfast 5G


Up to 120Hz

 Up to 60Hz

Size (in inches)

6.3 x 3.07 0.3

6.3 x 3.07 0.29

Weight (in ounces)



Water resistance







iPhone 13 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 Pro Max: Key Differences

You may think that most of the specs between the two phones are similar, so why not choose the earlier model? Apple, as you may know, upgrades its existing phone every year and brings new features and makes the phone even more user-friendly. If you are an existing Apple user, you will know that the company’s attention to detail is legendary. This has made iPhones and all their products the favourite of users across the world.

Here are some of the differences between the iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro Max:

  • Camera: iPhones are known for their quality cameras. Of these two phones, iPhone 13 Pro Max has a bigger and better camera. The lenses of the iPhone 13 Pro Max are bigger and much better than the iPhone 12 Pro Max or earlier models.
  • The 13 Pro Max also offers Smart HDR 4 for photos along with night mode portraits, photographic styles and macro photography that the iPhone 12 Pro Max does not have.
  • Design and weight: You may think that both phones have the same design with no distinguishable features. However, there are some minor differences. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is thicker by 0.3 mm, which is barely noticeable, and it is also heavier than iPhone 12 Pro Max. The extra weight may be an issue for you if you like lightweight phones. The design is flat-edge which may bring back memories of the iPhone 5. Both phones use ceramic toughened glass on the front but the notch for iPhone 13 Pro Max is 20% less, which means more screen space.
  • Display: The screen size of both phones is the same at 6.7 inches, but there are many differences between the two. The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 60Hz screen, whereas the iPhone 13 Pro Max has a 120Hz ProMotion for super-fast scrolling. This makes the scrolling much smooth and more responsive. It also has a refresh rate in the 10Hz-120Hz range, which adds to its motion and response capability without draining the battery.
  • Chip: You will find the A14 Bionic chip in the iPhone 12 Pro Max a huge improvement over the chips in the earlier models of the iPhone. The A15 Bionic chip of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is even better. It gives you amazing processing power and speed and makes the use of the iPhone for multiple tasks effortless.
  • Battery: The iPhone 13 Pro Max’s battery is bigger and more powerful, thanks to the extra space that makes it a bit thicker. More battery power means more use without the need for charging. All your battery-draining apps like video playback or video games get better support.

The 13 Pro Max also offers 28 hours of video playback and 95 hours of audio playback in contrast to 20 hours of video playback and 80 hours of audio playback for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The iPhone 13 Pro Max charges the battery faster at up to up to 27W in contrast to 22W for iPhone 12 Pro Max.

  • Price: You can get a refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max for $1,099.00 on an average, while the iPhone 13 Pro Max is available at $1,519.00. These are average or indicative prices only and the actual price may vary depending on availability, condition of the mobile phone and discount offers.

Choosing between the iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro Max

You can buy any of the two phones based on your preference and budget. The key factors that can help you decide between iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro Max are:

  • Budget: For both new or refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro Max, price remains a crucial factor. If you want a good performance Pro Max phone while saving some money then you can check out the iPhone 12 Pro Max. If you are willing or can pay extra, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is a better choice as you get better and faster performance on most counts.
  • Weight: The weight difference between the iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro Max isn’t that much. However, if you like lightweight phones, go for iPhone 12 Pro Max. Get the 13 Pro Max if you prefer a heavier phone that gives the feeling of a ‘solid build’ and a better grip.
  • Use: If you have a previous generation iPhone and are looking for an upgrade to the Pro Max version then the iPhone 12 Pro Max is a good choice. If you already have an iPhone 9 or above or a Pro Max version, you may prefer the iPhone 13 Pro Max for its much faster speed, a brighter display and all the “Pro” features.
  • Condition: If you are buying a refurbished phone from a pre-owned mobile phone seller, then the condition of the phone can also help you decide. A sparsely used and “as good as new” phone at a bargain price, whether it is an iPhone 12 Pro Max or iPhone 13 Pro Max, is a better choice. There is only a marginal price difference between the two, so pay attention to the condition before making a choice.

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