Discover: How You Can Save Money By Buying Refurbished Mobile Phones

The demand for mobile phones is always high and is increasing with each passing day. The average prices of a brand new smartphone are also getting higher than ever as the technology inside the devices continues to advance. For some brands like Apple, this advancement makes each newer model more difficult to afford. This is why many people are turning to refurbished phones instead.

Practicality-wise, buying a brand-new iPhone for $1000 might not be the best way to spend your money. The same phone can be bought refurbished for less than $600 and still work just fine. In this blog, we will explore more reasons why you should get yourself a refurbished phone and how you can save money on your next phone purchase of the smartphone.

Why Should You Consider Getting a Refurbished Phone?

Sure, there are certain stigmas attached to refurbished products. Some people think that refurbs are just used, outdated and broken things. However, the truth of the matter is that many refurbished phones are simply given away due to superficial damage (a hairline crack on the screen, for instance). Others might have been returned after being used for some period of time because the owner wanted to upgrade the device.

In other words, refurbished phones can be just as good as a new phone, but for a much more affordable price. The ones listed below are some of the most popular reasons we truly believe you need to know.

Indistinguishable Features

Refurbished phones render the exact same features as their new counterparts. They have been tested carefully by expert technicians and are guaranteed to be in perfect condition. From the fingerprint reader and lighting connector to memory capacity and LTE support, you get all the benefits of buying a new device without having to pay the full price for it.

Refurbished Phones Can Be up to 40% Cheaper

An iPhone 13 Pro Max is currently priced at $1,700 or so. If you are wise enough to think of buying a refurbished iPhone instead, you can enjoy the service of the said model for as low as $1,020 and enjoy a solid $680 discount!

Upgradable Software

When you buy a refurbished phone, it's already been upgraded with the latest software, such as the famous 5G broadband technology. You can experience the same feeling that you will get while using a new smartphone because of these updates.

Available Everywhere

One great thing about refurbished phones is that you don’t have to go to a certain store or shopping mall anymore in order to purchase one. You can buy them online or even at your local electronics store! This makes it easier than ever before for consumers to get their hands on these devices and start using them right away.

4 Tips for Buying the Most Affordable Yet High-Quality Refurbished Phones

When looking to buy refurbished phones, it is important to consider their quality as well as affordability. You can find high-quality refurbished phones that are affordable without compromising on their functions. However, there are some things you should know before making your purchase. Follow these 4 tips to make sure you're getting the best deal possible:

Do Proper Research

This will help you to find a phone that is in good condition and has been tested thoroughly before being sold. You can compare prices from different sellers, looking for the comparatively lowest price overall. Do read the specifications carefully so that you know exactly what you are paying for is worth the money.

Read Customer Reviews

It is another way to get an idea of whether or not a product is worth purchasing. You'll be able to see what other customers had to say about their experiences with the product. The rating system should be taken into account when reading a review. Higher ratings might mean that everyone who has reviewed the product loves it, while lower ones mean that some of them are not that satisfied with it.

Check the Warranty

Checking the warranty on any item before buying it will help ensure that it's safe and reliable enough for use. If there's no warranty included with the product then that could take your money later down the road when something breaks down or stops working altogether!

Run a Diagnostic Test

Ensure that the phone you're looking at has been inspected before being sold. See if it has passed all of the necessary tests (such as battery life and functionality) and is therefore in excellent condition. Other common checks include checking for viruses, syncing data with iCloud or Google Drive, checking hardware information, testing SMS service availability, and more.

Choose a Reputable Store

When shopping for refurbished phones, be sure to choose a reputable store. Authorised sellers use stringent quality control measures and only sell top-of-the-line smartphones that have undergone a rigorous inspection.

Mobile Guru: Offering the Best Deals on Refurbished Phones

One thing to keep in mind when buying refurbs is that you should always test the battery life and make sure all connections work properly. Always compare prices and read reviews before making a decision. If everything looks okay, then go ahead and buy it.

Mobile Guru is the best place to find deals on refurbished phones. We offer a wide range of devices, including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, and more. Whether you're in need of a refurbished phone, we have got you covered. You can email us at or call us on 1300 362 017.

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