Buying Refurbished Mobile Phones: What to Expect

Refurbished mobile phones are in high demand, especially after the pandemic. Many people are motivated to buy refurbished mobiles due to environmental awareness and the money it saves. But how much money could you save? Here’s an example, while you can purchase a new iPhone 13 starting from $1349 at the Apple store, at Mobile Guru, a refurbished iPhone 13 is available starting from $1189. However, before considering a refurbished mobile, it's necessary to have a clear idea of what a refurbished mobile phone is and what to expect when you buy one. 

Though a refurbished mobile phone may seem basically like a used phone, there is a significant difference between the two types of devices. Unlike the second-hand phone of an individual seller, the refurbished device has been checked through diagnostics software for any faults and repaired.

It is not brand new

The refurbished mobile had a previous owner but has been thoroughly checked for any technical issues and has been fixed. The device is sold by network providers, manufacturers or online retailers like Mobile Guru.

It is as good as new

A refurbished phone works just like new. As it’s technically not a new device, the term “refurbished” expresses that distinction. That’s why such mobiles are available for a great deal. Though they are as good as new ones, you get them at a discounted price.

It will be a lot cheaper

The biggest motivator for most people going to buy a refurbished mobile is the money that is saved. A refurbished mobile will save 10% to 60% compared to a new mobile phone which helps pay bills or other expenses. You can even buy the latest device in refurbished condition and save 10% to 20%.

It’s already been checked and repaired

A refurbished mobile phone passes through diagnostics software to check for hardware and software-related issues. If technical problems are found, they will be repaired. Our experts perform 72-point testing on each refurbished phone and maintain strict quality standards. They fix technical issues for optimal performance before listing them on the website. The data from the device will be wiped off before it is sent to you.

It comes with a seller’s warranty and returns policy

A refurbished phone comes with a warranty depending on its condition. The warranty is provided to help you make the correct choice and protect against any technical issues that may arise. In addition, many sellers include a grade in the description of the device and in the warranty accordingly. At Mobile Guru, we offer up to 24 months warranty for a refurbished mobile and 30 days return policy if the device is faulty. However, we split the condition of the refurbished phone into 4 different categories - Brand new, Amazing as new, Ex-Demo and Used.

Brand New:

  • Unopened sealed box with original packaging
  • Brand new, unused condition
  • 24 months warranty
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty (subject to device)

Amazing as new:

  • Perfect working condition
  • Barely used with 0-2 marks and scratches
  • Battery health in optimal condition (80% and up)
  • 24 months warranty
  • 30 days return policy

Ex Demo:

  • Perfect working condition
  • Used briefly for demo purposes
  • Little sign of use
  • Battery health in optimal condition (75% and up)
  • 12 months warranty
  • 30 days return policy


  • Perfect working condition
  • Has been used previously
  • May have a few cosmetic damages
  • Battery health in optimal condition (70% and up)
  • 6 months warranty
  • 30 days return policy

Pros and Cons of buying a refurbished phone

Pros and Cons of buying a refurbished phone

Here are a few pros and cons to consider while purchasing a refurbished mobile:


  • Significantly cheaper than buying a new one
  • No need to sign a costly contract
  • Better alternative for the environment
  • A warranty is provided with a refurbished phone
  • Fully functional condition due to several diagnostics tests


  • Might not receive it in its original box or with all the original accessories due to the device being refurbished
  • Price could be higher than that of a second-hand phone
  • Device may have signs of wear and tear
  • May have to wait a while if you like using the latest handset
  • A refurbished phone may be more difficult to insure than a new one

The above information intends to help you consider a refurbished mobile phone for your next purchase. So, what are you waiting for? Explore a wide range of refurbished mobile phones at Mobile Guru and take advantage of great offers. Call us on 1300 362 017, and our dedicated team will answer your queries.

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