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Nuglas Screen Protector for Apple iPhone - 2 Pack Tempered Glass Protection
Nuglas Tempered glass screen protectors, offer maximum protection for your screen, and will absorb and disperse the shock of a direct impact to the glass on the screen, often this results in the damage of the screen protector, but it's...

Tough Quality iPhone Screen Protector at Best Prices with Mobile Guru

You may have an iPhone11 or the latest iPhone 13 pro. When you own such expensive phones, it's best to have iPhone screen protectors to keep them safe from any physical damage. Screen protectors also guard the phone against liquid spills and dust accumulation. Moreover, they can also provide more privacy. There are a variety of options available for Apple screen protectors. They can be made of glass, PET, or TPU.

Made with high-quality glass, iPhone glass screen protectors prevent scratches as well as the possibility of cracks that can lead to shattering. Finding fingerprints all over the screen can be extremely inconvenient, reducing its efficiency. Screen protectors not only prevent this problem but also ensure that the front-facing camera lenses remain undamaged.

iPhone protective screens are available with Mobile Guru at affordable prices. If you are on the lookout for a screen protector for your iPhone, browse through our website for a variety of options. 

For more information about the new iPhone Screen Protectors, call our dedicated team on 1300 362 017!

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